a beautiful beginning: Lyla Jeanne’s birth story.

Michele and Phil might be the cutest little couple ever. When Kel and I met with them, I had no idea it was THEM we were meeting with.  When Michele walked in, all teeny tiny with this cute little bump (she was about 35wks mind you), and behind her walked smiley happy, Phil.  I’m pretty sure I said, “What the hell? We are meeting with you??!” Phil is a repeat groomsmen of mine and Adam’s, not to mention just knowing him through mutual friends.  I was so happy it worked out that I was going to be the one shooting the birth of their second child! Michele was 3-4cm for a couple weeks so I knew at any time I was getting a phone call.  Before 6am on Tuesday I received the “water break” text, which always starts my adrenaline pumping putting me into slight panic mode. My intuition told me this baby girl was going to make a quick arrival.  Sure enough, 9:15 as I was already pulling my car up to load the kids etc, “Headed to the dr, she’s a couple min apart, doing really well!”  (Michele planned a second natural birth after her first one was successful two years ago) 9:45am, I was a handful of minutes from dropping my kids at my moms feeling like I was SO ALREADY ON MY GAME when Phil called. “We might beat you to the punch. Running between buildings to the delivery room, she’s 8-9cm!!” WHAAAAAT???? Talk about literally opening the doors of my car, placing both children, their bags and my dog on my parents driveway, and flooring it in reverse. Literally, ask my mom! In record time, the Mothership (my minivan) soared through western hills to Clifton arriving at the hospital.  (Turns out, people really move out of the way for a speeding minivan!!) Thankfully I had my camera bag in the front, as I adjusted my cameras to the settings I would need with the proper lenses attached. I ran down the halls looking mighty crazy with my bouncing backpack and two large cameras in hand, I WAS GOING TO MAKE IT BEFORE THAT BABY CAME OUT!! I walked in as the nurse and Phil were holding Michele’s legs, supporting her pushing efforts.  She was still in her clothes, her wheelchair was still next to the bed and she hadn’t even been checked into the hospital yet! About 15 min after Michele’s mom (seconds after me) and I arrived, so did their “Dark haired beauty, God’s given grace,” translated to Lyla Jeanne. Close to 3 hours later, my adrenaline stopped pumping and my heart started beating at a normal pace again. Man I love what i do.

Congrats to you two and your perfect 7.3lb baby girl.  You made natural labor look beautiful and easy! I wish I could have gotten more laboring shots, but I likely would have been yelled at by the folks rushing you down the hall! 🙂 You sure are blessed to have Lukas, Lyla and each other in your lives. Thanks for waiting for me Lyla!! 😉 Love, Mel

ps. They picked out the slideshow song and it is just wonderful. ::chills::

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Melanie E - April 3, 2013 - 12:07 am

What a neat song! Never heard that before. I loved how you timed the various shots to go with the lyrics (tears, moonbeam, holding)…

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the rueves. » loft3 photography - April 3, 2012 - 1:20 pm

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philip rueve - March 24, 2012 - 2:02 am

My exact reaction text to seeing this…
“Holy cow and blessing from above! You are pimp Mel!”

Then followed by…
“That is what I call touching all of the human emotions and presenting art at its truest form. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for capturing one of the best moments of our lives and for being such a blessing to us.”

Watching this allowed us to see the true miracle of life and relive the amazing birth of our beautiful baby Lyla bean. Thank you for serving our family in this way as an incredible photographer and a true supportive friend. You went above and beyond the call of duty and brought a sense of peace and support that could be described as an angel in the room.

Thank you Melanie. We are forever grateful.
Phil, Michele, Lukas, & Lyla

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