a beautiful beginning: declan felix’s birth story.

What an incredibly emotional birth this was and I have to say that I am completely honored to have been a part of it:)Melanie and I met Alex & Doug about a year and a half ago when they contacted us about shooting their first birth. Sadly Alex & Doug found out the devastating news that little Dougie Jr. had passed very unexpectedly during her routine 38 week appointment. During her labor with Dougie Jr., the doctors discovered that she had developed HELLP Syndrome which led to a very medically scary & complicated natural labor. I can’t even imagine how heart-wrenching it was to go through all of that, but Alex bravely delivered her sweet angel boy at 5:45am on 11.21.13. Alex & Doug have been so strong and faithful since that day and have been keeping the sweet memories of the time they had with Dougie Jr. alive ever since. If you want to read more of their story, you can go to Alex’s blog HERE.

After all they had been through, another pregnancy was the last thing on their minds, but SURPRISE God had other plans and blessed them with a second pregnancy almost right away. Of course they were an anxious mess the entire pregnancy, but they switched to a high-risk doctor and Alex did a few other preventative measures throughout her pregnancy this time around. All in all she had a pretty great pregnancy and her doctors were confident of a positive outcome. Due to her risk factors, she was scheduled to be induced with this baby at 38 weeks. She went in last Thursday night and was already 3cm, so they skipped the cervadil and opted for cytotec instead. She got her one and only dose of cytotec at 8pm and by 3am, she was 5 1/2 cm. They broke her water then also, and when I got there around 4am she was 6cm and trying to rest. They had a couple of scares with the baby’s heart rate, but the nurses were so sweet and were constantly monitoring and reassuring them everything was fine.

Around 6am she was almost complete and the nurse she had all night was hopeful she would deliver by the time her shift ended. Unfortunately things didn’t progress quite that fast, and then she ended up having to wait for probably a good hour while shift change was happening before she could push. Good thing she got an epidural this time around or she wouldn’t have been able to wait around for the doctor to finish his meeting before she started pushing! But in the end, Alex was glad it worked out this way because she got the doctor for her delivery that she preferred anyway 😉 Once she was finally able to push, she only pushed for about 20 mins and then a healthy CRYING baby Declan Felix was placed on her chest at 8:54am. He was absolute perfection weighing in at 7.1 lbs and 19-3/4″ long. It was such an amazing experience for everyone in the room and I’m so happy for you guys! Alex & Doug are some of the strongest, sweetest people I’ve ever met and I’m so glad their anxiousness is over and they can finally enjoy their precious new gift:)

Love, Kelly

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One of my favorite deliveries to be a part of! Such a huge honor! Congratulations again to you Alex & Doug!

a beautiful beginning: reagan ashley’s birth story.

We love repeat BB mamas! Kate debuted on the blog 2 years ago when Melanie shot the birth of their first child, Luke. Melanie was hoping to be there for Kate this time around, but as fate would have it, Kate ended up having to be induced (again!) 2 weeks early. So since Melanie was in Europe, I had the pleasure of capturing this babe’s entrance into the world:)Thankfully this birth was a much faster and smoother than Luke’s was. Kate went in for a routine appointment on Wednesday morning and was sent to the hospital right away because the baby’s fluid was low. Kate texted me at 10:30am to fill me in and by 1pm she was already hooked up to pitocin and her water was broken – she was at 3cm. Her contractions started to pick up, but she didn’t dilate for the first couple of hours. Finally after a few hours of horrible pitocin contractions, she couldn’t take it anymore and got her epidural around 5pm. At her last check before her epidural, she was still at 3-4cm, so I went ahead and did my scheduled portrait shoot thinking I would head to the hospital directly after I finished. Even though nothing was going after I finished my shoot, I decided to head in the direction of the hospital anyway because I was on the other side of town and didn’t want to risk anything. Good thing I did because finally at 6:50pm Kate texted “at 10cm come ASAP!”. Nothing like that to get your adrenaline rushing 😉 Luckily I was up in her room about 15 minutes later and had time to grab a few shots before she started pushing (if you really even want to call it that haha!). They were waiting for her doctor to come back and by the time she did, she sat down, lifted Kate’s gown and was like “Oh, there’s the head!” Literally a push later, baby GIRL was on Kate’s chest. Reagan Ashley was born sat 7:28pm weighing in at 8 lbs (almost 2 whole pounds bigger than her brother was!) and was 20″ long.

Reagan was welcomed by both Kate & Mark’s family who were eagerly waiting to meet the newest member of the family (and to find out whether it was a girl or boy). Big brother Luke was also there, but he’s only 2 and wasn’t quite sure what to think of everything. Even though Kate was not expecting to be having a baby that day, it all worked out great and she was ecstatic to have a little girl. Now their family is complete:)Congrats Kate, Mark & Big Brother Luke!

Love, Kelly

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a beautiful beginning: hutson grey’s birth story.

Tara booked us way back shortly after she found out that she was {very unexpectedly} pregnant with #3. Being a photographer herself, she was determined that this birth would be photographed since it will probably be her last. We kept in touch all throughout her pregnancy, and of  course she decided to go into labor 9 days early (while I was shooting another birth and while Melanie was in Europe!) 😉 She actually went to the hospital while I was still shooting the other birth, but ended up being sent home around 10pm. She wasn’t happy about that but I sure was because I was really stressing about how I was going to be in 2 different hospitals at the same time haha! Well her contractions picked back up around 2:30am and were quickly 4-5mins apart. She texted around 4:30am and said they would be going back to the hospital soon, and this time she got admitted! Based on her previous labors and the fact that she was already 5cm, we all thought she would go super fast. Turns out she didn’t go quite as fast as she had hoped, but she was doing an amazing job laboring naturally and dilating about 1 cm every hour. I had a few hours with them before things got too intense and I really enjoyed getting to know Tara & Thom. Tara was still talking to us all the way up until she decided to have the doctor break her water when she was between 8cm-9cm around 12:15pm. Well that was all it took because things got intense quick and she was pushing within 15 minutes. A few pushes later and sweet boy Hutson Grey made his debut at 12:58pm and weighed a whopping 9.1 lbs and was 21″ long!

Tara & Thom decided not to have Hutson’s two big sisters come meet him at the hospital because they really wanted to just soak up the quiet time with just the baby. And unfortunately it turned out the Hutson ended up having to stay at the hospital for a week due to neonatal pneumonia:(Thankfully he is home now and doing great. Congrats Mama – you did great!!

Love, Kelly

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a beautiful beginning: stella reese’s birth story.

Well this baby girl was so anxious to come into the world that she tried to come 2 months early. Luckily the doctors were able to stop labor, but poor mama had to be on bed rest for the last 2 months of her pregnancy. Sarah went in for a routine appointment last Monday, and due to baby girl’s heart rate being high, they decided to send her over to the hospital and admit her. Guess what you’re having your baby today! Luckily Chad was already scheduled off work and went to the appointment with her! They were stuck in triage for hours, but they finally decided on a plan to break her water by 8pm if it hadn’t broken on its own. So, she got her epidural and then around 8pm they broke her water and things moved fast from there. I arrived to quite the party in her room at 9pm as everyone was anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby girl. Around 10pm she was complete and started pushing shortly after. About 5 pushes later, precious baby Stella Reese made her debut at 10:35pm weighing in at 8.5lbs and 20″ long. She is perfect in every way with her little round head and chubby cheeks:)

Congrats to mom, dad, and big sister Lilly!

Love, Kelly

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