A Beautiful Beginning: Audriana Joan’s Birth Story.

Charlotte gets a sister! The best gift a parent could ever give their child, God willing, is another sibling. Kelly, being an only child, was super emotional about how she’s going to love them equally and split attention etc. But as soon as she saw the light in Charlotte’s eyes as she met her baby sister, I’m sure that worry washed away. And hello!! Sisters are the best! These two already seem to have very different personalities and I can’t wait to see it play out in the years ahead. Audriana took her time all day for Billy and Kelly to make her debut. Every few hours Billy checked in with me saying not much was happening and she was 4cm for most the day. As evening creeped near, they sent home the family in the waiting room and told me they didn’t want me to get up in the middle of the night to come because they’re sweet and were worried about me sleeping and finding help with my four kids. I told her if she can make herself progress to 7+ by bedtime, I’m still coming. So as I was nursing the twins for bed, whaddya know, ding! “She’s 9cm!!” Thankfully I was wrapping up nursing and was running from the parking garage to Kelly’s room within the half hour as I got text, “She’s pushing!” To which I replied, “RUNNING! Don’t push so hard!” Which was not an option for Kelly since her epidural was wearing off! I walked in (panting) with 12 minutes to spare. Out came 6.12lb, 19.5″  Audriana (after Kelly’s BFF and Grandma) Joan (after Billy’s grandma). She was much more calm than big sister and I think, at least Kelly is, hoping she stays that way.

Another story of how unpredictable birth can be. Some babies just like to take their sweet time for hours and then rush out just when you think they’re never coming! Thankful for technology and FaceTime, they were able to chat with both sets of grandparents who were barely home, after being around all day! She’s a sweetie, congrats!

Love, Melanie

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a beautiful beginning: violet joyce’s birth story.

I was thrilled when Tina asked me to shoot her birth! Tina married my cousin Dave last Summer and we all knew it wouldn’t be long before they would be announcing a pregnancy. Tina’s daughter, Rose, is 9 years old so both sides of the family were definitely ready for another baby 😉 Sure enough, at Christmas, Dave’s face was beaming as he announced they would be having a baby in May!

Tina went into labor 3 weeks early and didn’t have the most pleasant birth experience with Rose, but it had been 9 years, so she really didn’t know what to expect this time around. All she knew was that she was going to try to go natural this time. Tina & Dave also decided to let the gender be a surprise, so as her due date drew closer, the excitement was extra high for everyone. We kept in touch in the weeks prior to her due date, but the baby was happy and in no hurry to come early. Well it turns out that Tina’s blood pressure all of sudden got high enough a few days before her due date that they decided to induce her. At that point, she was already 4cm and 50% effaced, so the plan was to go in at 8pm the evening of May 19th to start pitocin.

I was expecting this labor to be pretty fast considering she was already so dilated, but I also was worried about her going natural with a pitocin induction. She texted at 9:15pm saying they just started the pit and contractions were starting to come. At 11pm they broke her water and she progressed to 6cm pretty quickly. She wasn’t ready for me to come just then, but by 11:50pm Dave texted and said come on up. When I walked in the room she was 8cm and handling it like a champ – still talking and joking between contractions! Things got serious fast as she got the constant, overwhelming urge to push, and within 20 minutes of me being there, she was pushing. She literally only pushed a few times, and baby GIRL Violet Joyce was born at 1:10am weighing in at 7 lb 14 oz and 20.5″ long.

Tina did an amazing job throughout her labor and had a great team of support with Dave, her mom, the nurses, and a wonderful, calm doctor. As soon as they could, the rest of the family came in to meet the newest addition and a middle of the night champagne toast was underway. Everyone is doing great and I couldn’t be happier for you guys!

Love, Kelly

a beautiful beginning: andrew seth’s birth story.

Exactly 10 days before her due date, I got a text from Courtney at 1:15pm saying her water broke, but nothing else was happening and she was only 2cm. She was at work when it happened, and thankfully she doesn’t live or work far from Good Sam, so she made her way to labor & delivery pretty quickly. Her labor was pretty fast with her first 2 kids, so they were hoping for the same with this one. The next couple of hours were pretty quiet with nothing much happening, so I was thinking it could still be awhile. Then at 5:30pm, her husband, Michael, texted and said she’s getting her epidural and things were getting serious. I didn’t know how far dilated she was at the time, but I went ahead and left the house as soon as I could.

As I was almost to the hospital exit, Courtney texted and said I’m only 3cm and they are increasing pitocin, you should have plenty of time. We usually don’t get to epidural births until 6-7cm, so I ended up going to my Bible study which was close by until she progressed further.  At 7pm, Courtney texted and said I’m 6cm, so I left right away and started back to the hospital. At 7:20pm I’m sitting at the light ready to pull in the parking garage and I get a text saying saying they are setting up to deliver…7:26pm I’m on the elavator and another text “It’s coming – hurry!”. 7:29pm a beautiful baby boy was born and I was literally minutes too late:(Who would have thought she would go from 3cm to delivered in barely 2 hours!! At least I was still able to capture the first moments of little Andrew being laid on Courtney’s chest and mom & dad’s reaction to the surprise of a boy. (Since they already had a boy and a girl, they decided to have the 3rd be a surprise).

Once Courtney was all cleaned up, big sibs Isaac & Miriam got to come and meet their baby brother before the rest of the troops came in. Isaac was so taken with Andrew and had 1,000,000 questions for Courtney and the nurses. It was so cute! Shortly after, the rest of the family came in and gave Andrew quite the loving welcoming party! Aside from missing the actual delivery by a few minutes, it was a great evening and everyone is doing well. Andrew was a healthy 7.5lbs, 20″ long and oh so loved! Congrats to all!

Love, Kelly