a beautiful beginning: peyton jeffrey’s birth story.

Katie was so excited about birth photography that she contacted us before she even had an official due date!! You could tell this was her first baby and she and Jason were super excited:)They did all kinds of cute photos documenting the progress on facebook, etc. so why not have the birth documented also, right? We didn’t end up officially meeting until she was 37 weeks along, and every appointment after that she checked in and was progressing right along.

Exactly one week before her official due date, she texted saying her water broke at 8:10am that morning. As with most dads, Jason was anxious to get to the hospital right away, so they arrived to the hospital and were checked in by 9:30am at 3cm. She labored with contractions every 2-3 mins until she got her epidural. Katie got stuck at 5cm for a couple hours around lunch time, so her doctor decided to give her pitocin at 2:30pm to help speed things up. Well it sure did the job because one hour later she texted saying she was 10cm! Thankfully I was already on my way or I would have missed the birth, but talk about having a panic attack for the rest of the drive;)I arrived right around 4:15pm and little Peyton made his debut at 4:33pm! He was 7.5lbs, 18.5″ long. She had a super fast labor for a first time mama!

Katie enjoyed lots of skin to skin time and had their first feeding before the family came flooding in. Peyton is the first grandchild on Katie’s side, so that is always a little extra special and exciting.

Congratulations Katie & Jason – he is so adorable!!

Love, Kelly

a beautiful beginning: braylyn harper’s birth story.

It was quite the party in Sarah’s room as everyone was anxiously awaiting their baby GIRL. After 3 boys, Sarah was finally getting her girl and let me tell you, that little girl is going to be one of the most spoiled little girls on the planet;)It was so fun to be a part of the excitement!

Sarah is such a pro at having babies. She went in to get induced at 1pm, started pit right away, got her epi and broke her water at 3pm, and Braylyn was born a little after 6pm! I got there a little after 4pm and she was still only about 5cm then. Soon after she started feeling nauseous and pressure and wouldn’t you know as soon as Eric & the rest of the family left to get some dinner, she was complete! She called Eric right away and told him to run back up to the room and he thought she was joking so she handed the phone to the nurse to confirm. Less than 5 minutes later, Eric and the 2 grandmas arrived a little sweaty and red faced from literally running back up to the room!

Literally (and I’m not even joking!) ONE push later, Braylyn Harper made her debut into the arms of one happy mama and a beaming daddy. The first thing the doctor did when she came out was hold her up to confirm to Sarah that she was indeed a girl J She weighed in at 8.10lbs, 21” long and is as beautiful as ever. The rest of the family made their way back into the room shortly after and everyone was all smiles and anxious to hold her.

Big brother Christian (the oldest) was totally enamored with his new baby sister and it was the cutest thing ever watching him interact with her. The other brothers Landen (almost 3) and Mason (18 months) didn’t make it up to meet her until the next day.

Sarah & Eric, your family is now complete and I’m glad I was able to capture this special day for you guys:)Congrats!!

Love, Kelly

Nana - May 29, 2013 - 12:26 pm

Oh what a BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE you have chosen to share with us I am SOOOOOO HAPPY for you & Eric. CONGRATULATIONS on your ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS BUNDLE of Joy!