a beautiful beginning: ethan carter’s birth story.

Kylie was not due until Sept.7, so it definitely took me by surprise when I got a text from her late Friday night saying she had been having contractions all week! I was still on a high from all the anxiousness & excitement from Melanie’s birth that night, so I told Melanie it looks like it was going to be a double header birth weekend:)

Between busy work & travel schedules, Kylie & Glenn were finally making it to the hospital for their tour last week. All throughout the tour, Kylie was having contractions, so before she left for the night, the nurses decided to monitor her and sure enough it was “real” labor and she was 1cm dilated. They ended up giving her a shot to stop the labor and told her to go home and take it easy for another couple of weeks. Well little man had other plans, and contractions came back with a vengeance the following night. That’s when Kylie texted and filled me in. She was trying to hold off for awhile longer in hopes of both getting some sleep, but she was planning to go to the hospital shortly after. She was 3cm when she arrived at the hospital and the baby looked fine, so there was no stopping labor this time.

She was 4cm and got her epidural in place by 3am so she could “sleep” the rest of the night. I expected to be heading to the hospital in a couple hours, but she was progressing slower and her water never broke, so I didn’t end up getting to the hospital until around noon. She was 8cm then and still had a little time ahead of her since the staff was busy with other mamas delivering at the same time. Once the other mamas delivered, Kylie’s doctor broke her water and she was pushing in no time. Although I know it seemed longer to Kylie, she only pushed for about 30 mins before little Ethan Carter was born at 3:28pm. He was perfectly healthy and although he was small at 6.1 lbs, 20″, that was a great size for being born at 36 weeks! He is such a cutie and Kylie & Glenn are over the moon excited! Even though he wasn’t “supposed” to come that early, it seems pretty appropriate considering he was a honeymoon baby and wasn’t “supposed” to be conceived for another several months:)Ah so funny how things work out sometimes!

Congrats guys!! ~ Love, Kelly

a beautiful beginning: Levi robert’s birth story.

Back in January when Lyla was only 9thms, Michele told me to put her back on the BB calendar for August! I couldn’t believe it! The day Lyla was born, I got two texts a half an hour apart. “Headed to Dr to get checked.” Followed by “She’s 9cm, headed to delivery room!” I walked in a few pushes before she arrived. Shew.

So needless to say, the last few weeks I have been suuuper anxious about this birth. I carried my equipment everywhere and if I was farther than 35 min from the hospital, I drove separate from my family. During the night I swear I checked my phone 5-6 times because I was just certain I’d be getting a frantic text again and I was SO worried I’d miss it. I told Michele, “You have 2 contractions in a row, I want to know about it.” Four days post estimated due date at 5:45p, she let me know she thought labor started. My whole family was in town and planned to go to Stricker’s Grove (a mini Kings Island) for our local High School’s alumni night. Michele and Phil actually planned to go as well and told me to go on. As I was pulling in the park they told me they decided to head to the hospital instead. I shoved food down our throats and hurried my kids onto some rides so I could see their excitement for as long as possible. Two rides later, “9 centimeters.” SON OF A!! I just knew that was going to happen. GAH!! I sprint off the grounds to my car where I thankfully had my equipment ready. Floored it at 100mph and as I was exiting the highway, “He is here.” I was so sick to my stomach. Literally. Even better was the detour I was faced putting me 5 min more behind. Parked. Sprinted to elevator. Hospital door locked. Buz BUzzz BUUUZZZZ security. Nothing. Sprint to other entrance. Locked. I mean, it was just freaking fate that night. Finally into the room to see a radiating Michele and Phil with an adorable 7.4lb Levi in the warmer. I tried. SO. HARD. Sigh. It’s just the name of the game though. Every birth is completely different. We have no idea what to expect, how fast moms will progress, how long they will push. It’s all part of the thrill of childbirth. But seriously, 2.5 hrs of labor?

Levi gets to share a birthday with his namesake, grandpa Robert and is #9 of 10 grandchildren (for her mom) UNDER FIVE with the 10th on it’s way! WOW! For the next kid, I’m just going to come to your house when labor starts. Chances are that’s where it’s going to happen anyway!:)Congrats to all of you, especially big sibs, Lukas and Lyla!  Love, Melanie.

PS. Michele, I’m sick of you looking so damn good post childbirth. Can you please at least break 100lbs with your next pregnancy?! Or maybe even just break a sweat? :-*

[…] having contractions all week! I was still on a high from all the anxiousness & excitement from Melanie’s birth that night, so I told Melanie it looks like it was going to be a double header birth […]

phil - August 14, 2013 - 6:16 pm

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for capturing the third most amazing moment of our lives. Life is a true blessing and absolute miracle to witness.

Your talents and abilities go far above and beyond our expectations of “capturing the moment.” Levi has truly allowed our family to be “joined in harmony” through specific prayers over us in the week of his birth…which lead us to his name.

God is good. We are so thankful for the new little addition to our growing family!

P.S. – Nurses from good sam have a special place in our hearts forever, during all our kids births. Susan S. and Amanda served with a gracious heart and nurturing love that is rare to come across and beautiful to see. We will be praying great things in their lives to come! Please pray for strength, comfort, and guidance for Amanda and her husband in the upcoming weeks walking closer to a hopeful, natural child birth.


Happy Birthday little speed demon! More of baby boy coming soon!

This is Michelle signing admittance and “permission to deliver” papers AFTER delivery. Ya…

Love, Melanie.

Amanda - August 12, 2013 - 4:01 pm

Had the honor of being their nurse duing their stay, what an amazing and encouraging couple. Wishing them all the best.