a beautiful beginning: olivia rose’s birth story.

Lauren’s  birth was extra fun for me to shoot because it turns out that we have very similar stories…both have 2 boys (ages 5 & 3) and are expecting little girls, and both of us have had similar struggles with pregnancy losses and challenges. She booked us back in February, but we planned to meet up for a consult once Melanie was off of maternity leave in May. Well May came and went and our schedules were crazy as usual, so no consult happened then. Things got interesting for Lauren mid-June as she was put on bed rest upon finding out she was already 4cm dilated and 50% effaced at only 34 weeks! Thankfully we were able to work it out and met a week later after one of my shoots.

We both thought she would deliver super early based on how far dilated she was so early, but she made it to 36 weeks and was taken off of bed rest at that point. Then 37, 38 weeks and still no changes! Finally her doctor scheduled an induction date at 39 weeks on July 18th if she didn’t deliver before then. Sure enough, baby girl was super comfy and waited to come until the scheduled induction.

Lauren & Jonathan got to Good Sam around 8:45am the morning of the 18th and she had her water broken by 10am. I got there at 10:30am, and the nurse started pitocin shortly after. It only took about 15 minutes for the pit to kick in and she had a couple strong contractions and was luckily able to get her epidural shortly after that. It was a fairly relaxing labor after that as she let her body do what it was made to do. By 2:15pm, she was feeling pressure and the nurse checked her and basically saw the baby crowning! Everyone finished gowning up and Lauren’s mom guessed the baby would be here at 2:37pm. I personally thought it would take a bit longer than that, but literally 2 pushes later and sweet Olivia Rose was born at 2:33pm!! She weighed in 7.12 lbs and was 22″ long.

Lauren & Jonathan enjoyed quality skin-to-skin time with with Olivia as they waited for big brothers to arrive. Once they got there, they weren’t quite sure what to think (as to be expected for boys their age), and it turned out that their 3 year old was more interested in Olivia at first than their 5 year old. Lauren thought for sure it would be the opposite. I think they were just excited to go home with grandma & grandpa and have Olivia’s birthday cake 😉 Congrats to all of you and so happy for you guys and your newest, prettiest addition:)

Love, Kelly

A Beautiful Beginning: Cohen Maverick’s Birth Story.

Being on call is one of the most stressful things about our job. Constantly checking our phones through the night, not leaving our house knowing the possibility that as soon as we get to the location, we will have to turn around to drop kids wherever in order rush to the hospital, that is, if someone is available to babysit. It’s a very crazy position to be in 24/7, always having a mom near or past due date or actually laboring. We keep at it because we love it and are passionate about birth. But I’ll tell you, having twin babies has really complicated things on my end, especially since I’m nursing. However, somehow by the grace of God, the last few births have worked out so well allowing things to go smoothly for me. Korn (Sarah) went in for an induction Tuesday morning. She labored halfway unmedicated till Cohen decided to highfive the Dr when he was checking her dilation. After experiencing the oh so lovely elbow deep Dr, shoving baby’s hand lower than his shoulders so she didn’t have to end up in a c-section, Korn was ready to relax. At 645 she still hadn’t progressed past 5cm so she told me to go on with yoga class (actually in my basement) and she’d catch up with me after. Hesitantly, I changed and went downstairs with my friends. I came back upstairs for my phone because something nudged me to just in case. Half way into practicing. ::DING!:: “She’s complete, ready to go!” I think I actually said, “Oh sweet Jesus, she would be complete.” And sprint upstairs and out the door. It was so nice having had nursed recently and having Adam home to not worry about kids AND I wouldn’t have to be away from home long like I can often be at births. But dude, my heart can’t handle all these moms going from 5-10cm in a half hour. Serious adrenaline rush, heart attack!! I made it there in record time because again, He was looking out for me and literally every single light turned green as I was approaching it, from my house to Christ. Each time I got the chills like, “Green again?!” I got there with 20 min to spare as Korn basically laughed out Cohen. I shouldn’t tell you that because most moms work very hard to push out babies and he was crowning with her just getting in the stirrups! Chad exclaimed, “We have another Mickelson! Seriously, he looks JUST like him!” Long and skinny at 22″ and 7.12lbs calm and alert, he looked around at all of us. Big bro, Mickelson, was at home but able to facetime to see his future best bud. They last minute changed his middle name to give him the option of “Mav” if he wants. Mick and Mav may be the cutest duo ever. Looking forward to your newborn session and seeing them together! Congrats and job well done, mama!

Love, Melanie.

Cohen. » LOFT 3 PHOTOGRAPHY - July 3, 2015 - 7:40 pm

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Happy birthday baby BOY! More coming soon!


Love, Melanie.

Gail and Jerry Reynolds - July 1, 2015 - 7:47 pm

So happy for the both of you! Cherish these moments you’ll blink and both of them will be all grown up!

Dawn Broxterman - July 1, 2015 - 6:44 pm

Congrats Korn and family! Can’t wait to meet him when we are in the neighborhood!