A Beautiful Beginning: Judah Karl’s Birth Story.

It’s the strangest thing when my intuition is right. I shot Shay’s first birth a couple years ago and it was quick. She checked in complete and I got there not long before Edie was born. When she sent her payment for this birth, I just put it on a magnet on the refrigerator because I was certain I would miss this one. First reason was because I had a lot of commitments that would make Kelly lead and second because I was certain she’d have this baby in the car or parking lot. That almost happened!! She was already walking around 4+cm for two weeks past her due date. On Sunday morning, she woke at 5:30am with contractions lasting 45seconds every 3min. At 6:30 Jarrett texted me to inform me it was real labor and she was pretty serious. Certain I wasn’t waiting for an update to get up and moving like we normally would, I immediately jumped out of bed, got in the shower, shoved some food in my mouth and was in the car when I got his next text saying “In triage. She’s complete. They’re rushing, it’s going to happen soon!” Whaaaaaaaa? Thankfully it was early and I was able to speed against my husbands texts “SLOW DOWN, you’re carrying our sons!” I ran like no prego should be seen doing (totally awkward and embarrassing especially when I have to walk in panting in front of my very own doctor!) just in time to get in the room to see…a baby on her chest. I missed it by a handful of minutes, but so did our Dr,  so I didn’t feel as bad!;)Not only was he delivered two hours after the first contraction, but he was a giant. 10#4.7 oz and 20″ and oh so sweet, I wanted to bite his little butterball body. Mama handled it like a pro, just as I expected. I mean, could you imagine pushing out a 10.4lb baby with no meds? What a bada**! Congrats again, Jarrett, Shay and Edith! He’s scrumptious.

Love, Melanie.

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A Beautiful Beginning: Leo Paul’s Birth Story

 Laura and Joe were brave enough to not find out the gender again with their second baby. A boy it was, little brother for Oliver! Even though this baby was still a full week early, he had them on the edge of their seats from plenty of prodromal labor. However, he just wanted to stay nice and comfy to pack on some pounds so he could come out ready to contend with his brother. A sweet 8.1lbs and 21″ with strawberry hair to match…his Daddy’s beard. HA! Glad it worked out and I was able to be with you again! Have fun with the two boys and we’re looking forward to watching them grow!

Love, Melanie

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Joe - September 24, 2014 - 5:34 pm

Perfection. So many incredible images! Can’t begin to thank you enough Mel! Now if we can work something out where you can just follow our little family around all the time and just constantly take photos that would be great.


Happy Birthday, baby giant! More coming soon!

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Love, Melanie

April Spisak - September 23, 2014 - 1:47 pm

The pictures of Edie’s smiles and the thumb sucking one melt me. I am so very happy for the family, and I echo Amber’s comment that my sister in law is a rock star. Can’t wait to show kiddo after school!

Amber D. - September 23, 2014 - 1:43 pm

Natural birth! 10lbs 4oz. My sister in law is a rock star. I love these pics

Melanie E. - September 23, 2014 - 1:18 am

Whoa that’s a big baby! How many lbs? C-section?