a beautiful beginning: anea miriam’s birth story.

Natalie may have been the cutest, happiest and tiniest prego I have ever met. Even after days of contractions and a full day of hard labor, she was still all smiles. With every intention to go natural, they prepared for this birth the best they could. Something none of us can ever prepare for is an ill positioned baby. What does this mean? Labor slows down, mom gets exhausted, baby remains confused as to what way it should be facing. Also, Mom faces excruciating back pain which makes her want to scream at said baby. But not Natalie, sweet as ever! She hung in there until she, her wonderfully supportive husband and doula agreed sleep was necessary. Once some zzz’s were caught, they could position her body in a way that is completely intolerable without medication (believe me, I’ve tried the position. You WILL curse your baby.) The baby finally got the hint, rotated and allowed the proper even pressure to complete dilation. After some hard hard work in the pushing department plus more great encouragement from Garrett and her doula, out came 7.8lb baby girl! Anae is beautiful and was adorable with her tiny bottom lip rolled out which just made all of us melt as she squawked.

I know it was a long day for everyone, but I’m so happy to have met you all and had some lovely conversation with you! I wish you the best with your little sweetie. I know Garrett will be a pro at all things baby soon enough.;)Congrats you guys!

Lovely song choice! Little Garcon by Born Ruffians

Love, Melanie

Melanie E - January 19, 2014 - 10:00 pm

Melanie, you’re so right about her incredible attitude through it all–wow! Was the position you mentioned the forward inversion, where you hang head down off a bed? Nice job on the pics, once again!

a beautiful beginning: gianna rose’s brith story.

I can’t believe my bestie has had FIVE kids in the time I’ve had two. Luci and Chris want a big family and are well on their way to achieve that goal. I’ve been at all 4 births with my camera in hand and tears rolling down my face. Each birth has held a special place in my heart and I truly can’t explain what an honor it is to be welcomed to each one. (Hope and Grace, Maria, JoJo) Luci tells me each time, “As soon as I see you, it’s real. You come and then I’m ready to have the baby and you make every birth complete.” How sweet is she? You can see in the beginning of the slideshow, it’s true, as soon as she sees me, the floodgates open. I’m not sure how to feel about the fact her reaction to me is always tears?;)But I get it, because there are certain friends that you just connect with on a deeper level and often words don’t need to be shared, just seeing each other is enough. Luci is that for me as well.

Because this was a winter baby, right in the midst of all the holiday madness, things went a little differently. I shot a wedding the entire day before and she refused to let me come up early before surgery like I usually do. Then in recovery, their other kids needed shot records and couldn’t visit without them because it’s flu season. Plus I had to be home for another family Christmas that afternoon. With all of that happening, I wasn’t able to capture as much as I usually do and was only there for a couple hours. I still wanted to do a small slideshow because everyone knows and adores Luci and wanted to see more of sweet Gianna. With Maria and JoJo being upwards of 10lbs, our jaws dropped when we heard she was only 6.11lbs! Gianna had a head full of dark hair and strongly resembled the twins, which is so healing for their hearts! She has a lot of catching up to do but nurses like a champ so that’ll take no time.:-D

Oh, did I leave out the best part?? Luci and Chris gave me the privilege of being her GODMOTHER. What a surprise!!! Luci and Chris have so many wonderful and faithful family members that could have done the job, but they chose me!! How sweet! I’ll be sure to be a good role model in our faith and not to corrupt her…too much. And when she grows up and thinks her folks are way not cool, and starts telling me secrets, I’ll be sure to tell her how blessed she is to have been born into such an amazing family so full of love (and dance moves).  And I especially will tell her that her folks met at church and not at a bar. :0 Thank you guys! Love you!! Love, Godmommy, Melanie.



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Steph Goetz - January 8, 2014 - 5:37 pm

I totally get why you have a girl crush on this beautiful woman! She’s glowing. She was born for making babies, she just radiates. And I love her name choices, just love them. Great pics and congrats to both the Klares and Godmommy Melanie!

anne - January 4, 2014 - 12:20 am

Perfect song choice! Love me some JJ Heller! Also, Luci is amazing! She is as real and true as they come!

a beautiful beginning: ellie ryann’s birth story.

This post is a bit different than our normal slideshow birth stories because little miss Ellie decided to make her dramatic debut literally 5 minutes before I walked in the door! Leah & Matthew were originally put on the calendar to get induced on New Year’s Eve at 5am, but the hospital ended up having an opening for the 30th at 2pm, so they jumped on it. Leah’s past labors have all been long, but seeing as how this is her 4th baby, we were holding out hope for a quicker labor this time. At 10pm (after 6 hours of pitocin) she hadn’t progressed at all, but finally around 1am, she was 5-6cm and was getting her epidural so she could rest. The next text I got at about 3:50am was that she was 8-9cm and the doctor just broke her water. I jumped out of bed and headed to the hospital expecting at the very least to walk in as she was pushing…but nope…walked into the sound of a crying baby, a laughing Leah and all of the nurses scurrying around to clean up the big mess of fluid that came out with the baby! Baby girl literally just came out on her own! The bed wasn’t even broken down, Leah didn’t even push, all of a sudden everyone was like what just happened?!? Dr. Bowen and all of the nurses just kept saying they have never seen anything like that. It was all so surreal for Leah & Matthew to say the least! (Leah’s last baby was 9.9lbs, so he definitely helped pave the way for this 8.2lb one!)

Leah did not find out the sex of this surprise baby, but was secretly hoping for a girl to finish off the nice little pattern of baby-making she had going so far. Her oldest is a boy (Seth who is 5), then there’s Emma (who is 3.5), then Luke (17 mos), and now precious little Ellie. Four kids 5 and under and Leah still manages to make a living as a full-time photographer! Super-woman on many levels;)

Congratulations to the Robbins family! I’m so glad it worked out for me to be there:)

ps – Fun fact: Ellie is the 13th grandchild born on Leah’s side…on 12-31-13 in room #13

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Love, Kelly

Katie S - January 3, 2014 - 7:53 pm

Awesome pics :)

melanie - January 2, 2014 - 9:40 pm

Congrats leah! i love that she’s a GIRL!! how perfect. she’s beautiful and you looked great! so glad it all worked out!


Happy Birthday baby girl! More coming soon!:)

gigi001gigi002gigi003gigi004gigi005gigi006gigi007gigi008She kept picking up the locket Luci wears that holds Gianna’s twin angel sister’s locks of hair.:)gigi009gigi010gigi011gigi012OH, did I forget to mention I was given the most wonderful honor of being sweet girl’s Godmother?! EEEEK!gigi013

Love, Godmommy Melanie

Luci - January 2, 2014 - 3:47 am

Before saying my prayers tonight I looked at these pics… Again you capture our heaven on earth. I love you dearest friend. Xoxo