a beautiful beginning: ellie ryann’s birth story.

This post is a bit different than our normal slideshow birth stories because little miss Ellie decided to make her dramatic debut literally 5 minutes before I walked in the door! Leah & Matthew were originally put on the calendar to get induced on New Year’s Eve at 5am, but the hospital ended up having an opening for the 30th at 2pm, so they jumped on it. Leah’s past labors have all been long, but seeing as how this is her 4th baby, we were holding out hope for a quicker labor this time. At 10pm (after 6 hours of pitocin) she hadn’t progressed at all, but finally around 1am, she was 5-6cm and was getting her epidural so she could rest. The next text I got at about 3:50am was that she was 8-9cm and the doctor just broke her water. I jumped out of bed and headed to the hospital expecting at the very least to walk in as she was pushing…but nope…walked into the sound of a crying baby, a laughing Leah and all of the nurses scurrying around to clean up the big mess of fluid that came out with the baby! Baby girl literally just came out on her own! The bed wasn’t even broken down, Leah didn’t even push, all of a sudden everyone was like what just happened?!? Dr. Bowen and all of the nurses just kept saying they have never seen anything like that. It was all so surreal for Leah & Matthew to say the least! (Leah’s last baby was 9.9lbs, so he definitely helped pave the way for this 8.2lb one!)

Leah did not find out the sex of this surprise baby, but was secretly hoping for a girl to finish off the nice little pattern of baby-making she had going so far. Her oldest is a boy (Seth who is 5), then there’s Emma (who is 3.5), then Luke (17 mos), and now precious little Ellie. Four kids 5 and under and Leah still manages to make a living as a full-time photographer! Super-woman on many levels;)

Congratulations to the Robbins family! I’m so glad it worked out for me to be there:)

ps – Fun fact: Ellie is the 13th grandchild born on Leah’s side…on 12-31-13 in room #13

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Love, Kelly

Katie S - January 3, 2014 - 7:53 pm

Awesome pics :)

melanie - January 2, 2014 - 9:40 pm

Congrats leah! i love that she’s a GIRL!! how perfect. she’s beautiful and you looked great! so glad it all worked out!


Happy Birthday baby girl! More coming soon!:)

gigi001gigi002gigi003gigi004gigi005gigi006gigi007gigi008She kept picking up the locket Luci wears that holds Gianna’s twin angel sister’s locks of hair.:)gigi009gigi010gigi011gigi012OH, did I forget to mention I was given the most wonderful honor of being sweet girl’s Godmother?! EEEEK!gigi013

Love, Godmommy Melanie

Luci - January 2, 2014 - 3:47 am

Before saying my prayers tonight I looked at these pics… Again you capture our heaven on earth. I love you dearest friend. Xoxo

Welcome Elise Sophia. {Just Born}

So it turns out “Bubba” was a GIRL! Jeremy and Theresa have been so excited to meet their baby and she tested their patience by hanging out in mama an extra 5 days. When the time finally came, Theresa kicked labor’s booty and made it almost all the way without an epidural. You go girl! Her reward for months of hard work couldn’t be any sweeter. Congrats you guys! As the doctor said yesterday, “you guys do beautiful work.” She’s perfect!

Elise Sophia | November 18, 2013 | 8.7lbs | 20.5″


Love, Melanie.