welcome emmett {just born}

Congratulations to Valerie & Vern on the birth of their newest son, Emmett. This sweet, squishy little boy was born at home less than 12 hours before these pictures were taken, but you wouldn’t know it based on how laid back and natural everyone was. I hope he continues to be such a good  baby for you guys!

Welcome Emmett | Born April 12, 2015 at 12:27am | 9.8lbs | 20-1/4″


Love, Kelly

a beautiful beginning: vaughn charleston’s birth story.

This birth was a special treat for me because it was the first time I have been allowed to photograph a c-section in the OR. Megan’s doctor was so laid back and accommodating that it made for such a great experience all around! Megan & Shane had a long road of trying to conceive for the first time and unfortunately Megan ended up with an unplanned emergency c-section with her daughter (who just turned 3). After Sophia was born, Megan had no trouble conceiving and now she has 3 precious babies all 3 years old and younger! But, since all of the kids were so close together, she had no choice other than to have c-sections every time. Even though Megan was a bit extra nervous this time around, thankfully everything went off without a hitch and the result was a perfect, healthy baby BOY. Vaughn Charleston was born at 9:50am and weighed in at 8.3lbs, 21.5″ long.

He was welcomed by both sets of out-of-town grandparents and big siblings Sophia & Max. Since he was born on St. Patrick’s Day, everyone wore green and the kids were extra decked out in their St. Patty’s Day gear – which was super cute! Sophia was REALLY hoping for a baby sister, but was surprisingly fine with the news of another brother…until it actually soaked in about 15 minutes later haha! She got a little sad then, but I’m sure as she gets older, she will enjoy all of the extra spoiling that will come her way with being the only girl 😉 Max didn’t quite know what to think at first, but he’s not even 2 yet, so hopefully he’s enjoying his brother now and isn’t too jealous he’s not the baby anymore.

Congrats on your new addition and thank you for inviting me into the OR with you:)



a beautiful beginning: leisel belle’s birth story.

Michele & Phil are no strangers to this blog! Melanie was with them for the births of their second and third children, Lyla and Levi. Continuing their trend of accidentally getting pregnant when the previous baby is around 9 months old, we were not that surprised when Michele told us to add her to our calendar for February 😉 Seeing as how this was going to be her 4th child and Michele has SUPER fast labors (Lyla barely waited for Melanie and Levi decided to come just minutes before she arrived), I was an anxious mess for weeks surrounding her due date. Well her due date came and went and nothing. Then a whole week passed and still nothing! She went for a fluid check and monitoring at that point (on Monday) and since the baby was doing great, her doctors were going to let her go another few days before talking about induction. After a false alarm Wednesday morning, she went to her next scheduled doctor’s appointment on Thursday and finally decided to schedule an induction for Sunday overnight if the baby did not come before then.

Thankfully the baby decided it was time to come out sooner rather than risk an induction, and Michele’s water broke around 9:20pm Thursday night. As soon as I got the text, I got ready to go and was leaving as soon as Michele left her house. But she had a slight set back because Phil was not home and she was originally planning to wait for him to get home before leaving. Good thing she didn’t, though, because he was on the other side of town! Her mom came and drove her to the hospital, and Phil frantically drove as fast as he could to meet them there. God was watching out for all of us and everyone made it safely to the hospital BEFORE the baby was born! She checked in around 10:15pm at 8cm, but you wouldn’t know it by how gracefully she was handling her natural labor. I swear she winced more when they were putting in her IV then she did pushing the baby out!

About an hour later, Michele insisted she needed to push, and one long push later, beautiful Leisel Belle was in her arms at 11:12pm! She is absolutely perfect weighing in at 7.8lbs, 21″ long and looks a lot like her older sister:)Leisel means “God’s promise” and Belle means “beautiful”. So perfect! Congratulations to mama, daddy, Lukas, Lyla, & Levi – you all are so sweet and hope you’re enjoying your newest addition!

Love, Kelly


Marsha/Claude Corbitt - March 4, 2015 - 1:24 am

Congratulations to the Rueves – a wonderful Kingdom building family!!! Much love to the 6 of you!!!

Amanda Maher - February 25, 2015 - 12:38 pm

I took care of them with their last baby. What a sweet family. I knew they would be back 😉 congrats to them!

Dawn Broxterman - February 25, 2015 - 12:49 am

She is beautiful Phil & Michelle! Congrats on the new addition!