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a beautiful beginning: Isa Lucille’s Angel Birth story

Finding the words to the stories I have to share is never something I want to do. No words can give justice to the story, the fight, the anguish. My heart hurts so deeply that the knots haven’t left my stomach in the 24+ hrs I’ve known that sweet Isa gained her wings too early […]

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a beautiful beginning: Olivia Elise’s birth story.

Finding out your baby is breech makes all the moms feel stressed and worried for the next couple months ahead. This isn’t life threatening by any means, but when you have in mind how you want to deliver your baby, most people don’t exactly hope for a major surgery! In fact, most try to avoid […]

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a beautiful beginning: Lucas Paul’s birth story.

Alisha let me know Wednesday evening┬áher water had broken a couple weeks early, which she wasn’t surprised as she’s never reached 40 weeks in pregnancy. They were heading into the hospital after dinner and would keep me updated. Slow to no progression all night long leading to what happens a lot with those 3rd babies….out […]

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