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a beautiful beginning: chase parnell’s birth story.

It’s interesting how things we don’t know about, scare us. Birth scares a lot of people. Everything that happens during birth, scares those who have never been through it. Those who have been through it, realize that it’s not like you see on tv, or at least it shouldn’t be! Instead of being scared, some […]

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a beautiful beginning: georgiana grace’s birth story.

Well if only all births were this quick & smooth then Mel and I would never have to turn down any mamas! Jana planned to go natural this time around due to a very bad experience from her epidural with her first daughter (who is only 19 months old by the way!). I won’t go […]

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a beautiful beginning: Kaleb William’s birth story.

Well little Kaleb did not make his grand entrance into this world exactly like Rachel & Erik had planned, but the most important thing is he is healthy and everyone is doing well Rachel’s water broke around 7am on the morning on the 13th but she wasn’t having any contractions. In fact just a day […]

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