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Guest Post: Ruthie Claire’s birth story.

I’ve known Lindsay most of my life and like she’s stated on her blog before, it’s obvious she was born to be a mother. We’ve taught kids together and it was always a pleasure watching the students look up to her. I’m thrilled for her and Nick and the exciting road they have ahead of […]

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a beautiful beginning: anya & isaac’s birth story

Well there’s nothing like going to your 37 week appointment only to be told you’re having those babies TODAY! Aimee had her routine ultrasound and baby B was measuring close to 2lbs heavier than baby A and that was enough to be slightly alarming to the doctors. Thankfully Aimee & Jon had already made peace […]

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a beautiful beginning: shelby anne’s birth story.

What is it about babies being born in the middle of the night? In utero are they all, “Sweet! Mom JUST fell asleep, I’m breaking my bag of waters so she be even more tired as she labors me out all night long.” or “Mom, sleep? Overrated. Let’s get this party started and maybe you […]

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