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a beautiful beginning: reagan ashley’s birth story.

We love repeat BB mamas! Kate debuted on the blog 2 years ago when Melanie shot the birth of their first child, Luke. Melanie was hoping to be there for Kate this time around, but as fate would have it, Kate ended up having to be induced (again!) 2 weeks early. So since Melanie was in […]

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a beautiful beginning: hutson grey’s birth story.

Tara booked us way back shortly after she found out that she was {very unexpectedly} pregnant with #3. Being a photographer herself, she was determined that this birth would be photographed since it will probably be her last. We kept in touch all throughout her pregnancy, and of  course she decided to go into labor 9 days early […]

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a beautiful beginning: stella reese’s birth story.

Well this baby girl was so anxious to come into the world that she tried to come 2 months early. Luckily the doctors were able to stop labor, but poor mama had to be on bed rest for the last 2 months of her pregnancy. Sarah went in for a routine appointment last Monday, and due […]

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